About us

we are an Integratred System Waste Management-(ISWM-SP) Service Provider

AlterProt is a registered company founded in 2020 under Ghana law. The company’s services are focused on QHSE in organic waste management. Alterprot provides its expertise to reliable and trusted partners with shared interest in investing in new ecological model to protect environment and treatment of organic waste, in priority areas of Ghana and West Africa. Our ambition is to implemented the same solution in all west Africa countries first, and central Africa as second step.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is the improvement of the value of organic waste with Larvae by conversion of residue enriched with frass (insect manure) 16 times more effective than ordinary compost?

So our Mission is to provide the best organic waste treatment solution to our partners by adding value.



Our Approach

Using micro and macro organism like BSF LARVAE PRODUCTION AS ALTERNATE PROTEIN source for poultry and fish feed. This approach will allow to African farmer to reduce feed cost and been more competitive with imported chicken and fish from abroad.

Our Commitment

A systemic approach helps us to keep track of all factors relevant to our success.

Common interest

Meeting partners interested in exploring opportunities in Africa Organic Waste Management and Alternate Protein source for poultry and fish feed.

Full Disclosure

Ensuring partners are fully informed about the policies and procedures related to the investment.

Excellent support

Providing our partners with utmost professional support to assess and select entry into new markets.

Partnership identification

Recognizing key players crucial to our partners’ success and partnering with them for best results. Timely communication Keeping in constant touch with partners and informing them of new opportunities and solutions.

Meaningful Relationships

Developing relationship with partners that yield fruitful partnerships in the present and future.

Due Diligence

Handling rules, government and international policy regulations and registration requirement for host countries.

Market Analysis

Provision of information on market, economy and political outlook of host countries.

Our Daily activities

Our nursery facility

our larvaes

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